Jonjo Rooney we love you!

JonjoThis is Jonjo. Eight years ago, he was diagnosed with leukaemia, at the age of 23. In Britain, fewer than half the people diagnosed with the disease survive it, but Jonjo did, thanks in part to a man who lives in Hamelin, north Germany. Over the next few days, Jonjo is cycling 500 miles to meet that man, and to say “thanks for donating your bone marrow”.

Instead of scratching his backside, which is all I do most days, Jonjo got off it and set up a charity, called Bpositive, which you can read about here. If you can spare it, you can donate a few pounds to the three blood-cancer charities associated with this charity ride simply by sending a text (send “Bpositive £XX” to 70070 – XX is the amount you wish to donate). We would. X

Deutschland we love you!

German ChimpanzeesWe love you as much as chimpanzees love football. So we’re coming back to see you this Saturday for the Lothringair festival, in Germany’s belly button – that’s Aachen, pub-quiz fans. I’ll be wearing the same trousers that I wore there last year, because, shit, it’s 2014, the flowers are coming, I might win the lottery one day and I really like this pair of trousers. Also on the bill are Carlson, who we love more than the moon loves the sea. Check them out here. See you on Saturday. Ours is a double gin and cider X